Tom Sues Over Suposed Shopping Habits

Creative Commons License photo credit: Victor de la Fuente

I’ve never written here about Tom Cruise before!  However – he’s suing, so it must be done.

Tom Cruise has sent a cease and desist order to Petit Tresor – the upscale baby boutique known for a celebrity clientle.  He’s saying that the store is gossiping about his family’s spending.

However – my question is – before they shopped there, did they sign a confidentiality agreement?  ‘Cause while it’s bad business, it seems to me to gossip about it isn’t, you know, illegal.

Yoko wins?

Remember that whole Yoko Ono suit with John getting in a little puff-puff?

Well – I can’t believe it, but Yoko won the court case.

She is now able to stop it. I think this is wrong since she doesn’t actually have the rights to the footage. but hey, what do I know?

Ono insists she owns the rights, since she claimed she purchased the tapes from World Wide Video through a Florida man.

The case gets a bit confusing around this point, but World Wide Video claims the tapes were stolen and then sold to Ono illegally.

They then sued Ono for copyright infringement in a bid to publicly show them.

Joseph Doyle, the attorney for WWV said the case is still pending as the judge has yet to rule on several other aspects of the case. Doyle insists that the question of who owned the videotapes has not been resolved.

So who knows.  All I know is, she’s going to an awful lot of trouble to stop the showing of John as the hippy that everyone already knows he was.  That’s just weird.

Back as Soon as Someone is Stupid

I’m still here…  It’s just that no one’s being an idiot!

As soon as someone is – and they always will – I’ll be back bringing you the story.

Vigilante Barrymore

Creative Commons License photo credit: late night movie

Drew Barrymore tried to get in on the crime fighting game yesterday…  She was involved in a hit and run – ie she was hit, and they ran.

She tried following them – but lost ’em.  She did get the license plate though, and that’s more than most people can seem to do.

Yet another note to the stupids:  When you hit a car, don’t flee the scene!  You just might get a mad hot actor chick after you.

Dennis Farina in the Stupid Column

dennis-farina.jpgI don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Dennis Farina is in major… like felony major trouble. For bringing a freakin’ firearm to the airport. IS HE STUPID?  It was LOADED.  And UNREGISTERED.

He should know better.  He used to BE a police officer. And yet – he was arrested at LAX after the screeners found the .22 semiauto in his briefcase.  He was released on bail, however he’s been charged with a felony (upgraded from misdemeanor since it wasn’t registered.)

Photo: Rotten Tomatoes

“Farina was very apologetic and cooperative with officers,” police said. “However, he had no apparent authority to carry a concealed weapon at the time of his arrest.”

Then why the hell was he.

This is again, another incredible case of What Were You Thinking?  Seriously.

More Court for Uma

Creative Commons License photo credit: Montrasio International

Uma Thurman is being sued, E! is reporting.  Lancme, the French cosmetics giant, is suing.  Apparently they used her image after her contract expired sans money.

Wondering then, why they would sue her?  Yeah me too.

  Per the complaint filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Lancme maintains it never “knowingly or intentionally” continued to use Thurman’s face to push its products and that any webpages still featuring her old photos were never meant to be publicly available.But according to her attorney, Thurman, who inked a multimillion-dollar deal with Lancme in 2000, says her pics showed up on Asian websites and on a Canadian billboard touting the company’s Miracle skin-care line. She has not formally filed suit against Lancme, which is looking to have a judge preemptively rule that the company did not wrongfully use her image.

Lancme “pulled the pages off as soon as they found out about them,” Peter Raymond, one of the company’s lawyers, told the New York Daily News. “They didn’t even know they were there.”

So – basically they’re saying “Oops!  Our bad!  Don’t hurt us!” and having a judge hold them no fault.  Apparently they’re also open to a settlement.

Isn’t that nice of them, when they screwed up.

But in a letter to Lancme, Thurman’s attorney, Burt Fields, wrote that even $1 million hardly fits the bill.

“Look at the huge free benefit Lancme gets from using her,” Fields told the Daily News. “The French want to accept that benefit without paying for it.”

“Obviously, the French have decided they won’t even try to resolve this amicably,” he said. “So they have filed this sneak attack.”

Which is lovely.  Since she just finished the trial of her stalker.  Guess they thought her defenses would be down?

Vanilla Ice No Longer in Trouble

In an update to this post – Mr. Ice Ice Baby is no longer in big trouble.

He won’t be prosecuted due to insufficient evidence…  Seems that his wife recanted.

Basically he had been arrested in April for hitting and kicking his wife, Laura.  His lawyers, however, said that there was no physical altercation – just an argument.

And the restraining order against him has been lifted.

So…  The question remains.  Did it happen?  And then they made up?  Or she was pressured?  Or did it happen at all?  One can truly never ever know what goes on in a marriage.

Britney Spears update

OK, so now that the court date is over, I’ll give you a little update on Britney Spears.

Little because I cannot stand talking about her.

She went back to court in the ongoing custody battle with Kevin Federline.  Custody itself has not changed (in other words, Kevin still has custody).  But – INO’s reporting that she’ll be granted more time with her kids.  Apparently she’ll get 3 supervised days a week, as well as Mother’s Day.

So…  Apparently Britney is doing better.  Guess dad taking over the ship wasn’t such a bad thing, huh?

Anyway, there’s another hearing set for July 15th.  We’ll see if she can keep it going.

Updates on Uma and Foxy

First – on that little Foxy Brown incident

It was all a misunderstanding and the warrant has been rescinded. What? Since when does our legal system allow for “misunderstandings?”

Apparently, the lawyer had the case delayed ’til May 8th, but for some reason court officials didn’t change the date in the official calendar.When the court realized the mistake, the judge reportedly withdrew the bench warrant.

Guess she’s not going to jail again. Yet.

And second – the Uma Stalker case… It went to jury, and the verdict is in.  The Manhattan jury found the dude guilty.

They found him guilty of stalking and aggravated harassment – there were two other counts but those he was acquitted of.

He’ll be sentenced next month – and here’s the thing I don’t like.  He could get up to a year.  A year.  For talking about how her children shouldn’t exist, and calling her parents, following her, sending her threatening letters about how his hands should be on her all the time, and threatening to kill himself.  Not to mention he’s a former mental patient…  as in locked up.  I just think a year is not enough time.  I mean is that enough time for his obsession to wane?  He didn’t take a plea so he could see her, actually see her up close, in court!  I just don’t think it’s enough time.  Although it’s plenty of time for him to obsess even more.

“I’ve learned some disturbing things about this defendant during this case. I am going to remand him for a psychiatric exam,” the judge said.

Finally, a voice of reason.  Wacko.

Jordan’s attorney, George Vomvolakis. asked Carro to place his client in protective custody, noting Jordan faces “specific threats because he’s a stalker…[and] was actually assaulted” in jail after his arrest.

You mean being in jail with OTHER criminals isn’t a bed of roses?  Seriously – I hope that either he gets more than a year, or that the year is spent in psychiatric care.

Warrant Issued on Foxy Brown

How idiotic can you get.

She was just released, and now a new bench warrant has been issued for her.

Apparently she had a courtdate in regards to assault and weapons no-no’s – and she was a no show.   The defense attorney didn’t know where she was – and also hadn’t heard from her.  Which is, you know, always good.

I guess I just can’t get my head around where I would let this happen or think that it’s a good thing.  Or that it just doesn’t matter.  That’s the part I have trouble with.

I mean are these stars dumb?  Mismanaged?  Ignorant?

I simply don’t get it.