Anger is a beautiful thing aka I’m pissed AGAIN!

Your Angry, Angry GuideWell, well, well… just can’t ever tell what will show up like a cat turd that’s been under the end table for two years because I didn’t see it there when I put the table down. I wondered what that smell was but it went stale after a while….just an occasional whiff of Kitty’s evacuated Fancy Feast and ammonia -I guess I just kinda got used to it. Anyway, some of you may know me from my Friday appearances on The Corey and Jay Show ( on 100.3 FM The Edge where my rants as Patrick the Angry, Angry Viewer are legendary. Well, that may be a little heavy-handed. Ummm, let’s try popular. Wait, that could also be overstated a bit. Ummm, well, at least listeners don’t usually change the station when I come on. Mostly, they don’t. Maybe turn it down a bit and listen to highway noise. Yet, they indulge me and allow me to show up every Friday and do my thing at 7:15 in the AM. Then again, you may not hear me on air but you might know my crazed fury from the blog where I am the constant pimple on the ass of celebrities.  But, thanks to court, litigation and incarceration being the new, hip celebrity fashion accessories of our time, I must dedicate an entire blog just to give you, my Anger Allies, a guided tour along the celebrity walk of shame that leads to Stars Behind Bars. Here I will go to task to give you the dirt you want and need so badly. I know you crave it. You know you crave it. Why fight it? You wanna know who got popped by the po-po? Stars Behind Bars. You wanna know which celeb said what crazy Shiite when they got that DUI? Stars Behind Bars. You want the grittiest, grimiest courtroom truth all delivered with complete irreverence and sarcasm? Stars Behind Bars. Let’s face it, we go to the zoo to see monkeys because they make us laugh.. Well, welcome to the Zoo. The Celebrity Moron Zoo. The Zoo of Star-powered Turds. The Zoo of They Did What? They lock up the stars, we lock up the laughs. Mark this one as a favorite and get ready!