Drunksy Knows Fashion!


Hollywood’s latest fashion accessory du jour of starlets everywhere?

Charm bracelet? Waaay off.

Bellybutton ring? So yesterday.

What about an alcohol blood level monitor? DING DING DING DING! We have a winner!

Lindsay Lohan Drunksy Blohan is seen here styling the season’s hotly anticipated Versace BLM. That Drunksy! Such a trendsetter! (click the pic for close up version!)

How long before she joins Team Paris and Team Richie for a lovely, expense paid trip toCamp Jailbird? With her pending DUI / Coke bust trial date arriving soon, she may soon experience all the hospitality of
Hollywood’s haven for halfwits aka the penal system. I am pretty certain I heard God ask me last night to quit praying for Drunksy to be put in a cell with the most militant lesbian ever. But, then again, maybe that was just gas.

 Picture via Celebslam