Drunksy Snorts Again!

lindsay.jpgOh for God’s sake….only Lindsay Lohan Drunksy Blowhan could be stupid enough to A) Drive drunk on a suspended license and B) show up to jail with some blow on her. I mean, daaaaayyyyuummmm…..how bad off do you have to be to have to have a little toot EVEN at the Po-Po house? Bringin’ your blow to the police station….wow. I mean, come on, even 12 year old punks know to flush the weed down the crapper when the knock comes.  Our good friends at TMZ report that, since the judges don’t like it when crimes occur so close together, Lindsay Drunksy could get up to six years for this little adventure. But, let’s review, shall we? Paris got 45 days for virtually the same crime and did like half that. Although Lindsay Drunksy is a complete idiot like Paris, she is still way hotter and had some blow in her pocket so that means the judge might sentence her to a little robe time in the chambers for Lindsay Drunksy to show him some, errrr, good behavior. Oh come on! Don’t act like that’s out of line! This is Hollywood we’re talking about here. It’s like one big porno out there anyway. I imagine when you go to the dry cleaner some hot chic with no clothes and gargantuan implants comes out to help you and the music starts playin’….chicka-chicka-down-down. The next thing you know you’re waxing the credit card to the tune of $8500 when all you wanted was clean pants. Explain that one to the Mrs.  You, Lindsay Drunksy, have about as much going for you as a woodpecker in a steel barn. And frankly, you’ve become nothing but a lingering fart we all have to keep sniffin even after you’ve left the scene of the crime. It’s getting closer and closer to my fantasy of the slow speed bronco chase  (see my previous rant for that rundown) and when it happens, I will stand up and shout from the tallest point I can find …at least until my wife yells out the window for me to shut the hell up cause the baby’s sleeping.  Stand by to sniff more fart, errrr, get the latest news on this celebretard.