Foxy Loses Early Release Bid

foxybrown.jpgHere’s a blurb just released from E!

A judge has denied Foxy Brown‘s request to be released from jail early so that she can travel to California for an ear examination and repair of her cochlear implant. The rapper filed a motion earlier this month stating that her hearing condition was getting worse in jail and that she needed to seek the help of specialists at Los Angeles’ House Clinic. Prosecutors countered that she could get the help she needed in New York.

Hmmmm…  A ploy for early release, or does she really want her specialist?  Now, I realize prosecutors said she could get her help from New York, but on the other hand as a parent to two special needs kids – I understand the value of going to YOUR specialist.

By the way, was I the only one who didn’t know she had a cochlear??

Photo: Ask Men