Uma Thurman to Testify

umathurman.jpgThe stalking trial of Uma Thurman is set to begin March 11th.  The stalker in question…  former Psych patient, Jack Jordan.  Fun!

He was arrested outside her home in October.  He’s apparently been at it for two years.

His attorney, so far, has this to say about him:

He was just a romantic, pursuing the woman he loves.

Wow.  I’m waiting for and if he can’t have her no one can.  He hand delivered a letter to her home threatening to kill himself.  Yeah – a psycho romantic.

The first attempt at contact was trying to get into her trailer on a set – after he traveled cross-country.  After that one his family had him committed.

Jordan has already rejected a plea.

Wow.  Obviously, I’m into celeb’s and their antics…  But I’ve never approached one (even my hard core crushes,) and any mail I sent was as a Jr. Higher writing to fan sites.  I just can’t imagine going to the lengths of  a stalker.

But then again, I’m sane.