Blunt’s Producer Producing Tears

jamesblunt.jpg“Your’s Beautiful” artist James Blunt’s record producer has filed suit!

Linda Perry not only discovered him, she did everything to make his record the success that it was.

And multi-platinum is certainly success.

Perry says that “she signed the whiner back in 2003, and did ‘tireless promotion’ for Back to Bedlam, even though Warner Music was lukewarm on it. Then the album exploded, grossing over $100 mil for Warner.”


After that, she alleges that the label bypassed her and went straight to Blunt to do a new deal.  And essentially – they bilked her out of $5 mil plus.

A Warner rep said that Perry “has always been and will continue to be compensated in accordance with the terms of its contractual arrangement with Atlantic.”

Uh huh.  What that sounds like to me is…  You had a crappy contract, and when your dude made it big, we gave HIM a better contract, but not you.  Too bad so sad.

Photos: TVCrunch and Blender