Jones Prison Sentence Starts

marion_jones.jpgThere’s no gold at the end of this finishing line.  Corny, but true.

In an update to this post, Marion Jones started her Federal Prison sentence of 6 months.  Girl locked up in Texas.

In January, a federal judge in White Plains, N.Y., sentenced Jones to six months in prison and two years’ probation (during which she will be required to perform 800 hours of community service) for lying to federal investigators about her steroid use and a check-fraud scheme. Jones had until March 11 to begin her sentence.

…Jones, who used steroids distributed by the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative — the same lab that supplied steroids to athletes who included New York Yankees star Jason Giambi — is the first professional sports figure to receive prison time.

Well…  I suppose she didn’t have to plead guilty, nor take responsibility.  Still.  I think it is a shame that athletes don’t think that they’re good enough, and need to artificially enhance.  I guess the thought of winning – at any cost – is good enough.

Photo: People