Freak Alert


Michael Smegal – just a random dude – was arrested yesterday for “allegedly” mailing a bomb threat to an airport in December.  While mentioning Jodie Foster.  There appears to be no reason for mentioning her at all.

Michael Smegal, who promised to break the habit after admitting to postal inspectors in 2005 that he had been sending anonymous letters to Foster for about a year, was taken into custody and charged in U.S. District Court in Boston.

He broke his promise?  The shock.

Back in 2004, he sent packages to her – and his prepaid cell phone number – so she could easily call him.  Because, you know, she has time to do that.

“Law enforcement called the number and spoke to an individual who identified himself as Michael Smegal,” FBI Special Agent Joseph Altman wrote in an affidavit released Tuesday. “Smegal spoke with the agent and used the phone to send photographs of himself and his dog.”

Dude.  Can you imagine the agent’s face?  Waiting for a response, and it’s his dog?

Following a search of his home on Jan. 8, during which federal agents turned up several copies of the exact letter sent to Van Nuys, Smegel indicated he sent those letters on Foster’s behalf, choosing airports in particular because of a perceived connection with the Screen Actors Guild, which he thought had slighted Foster in some way.


See…  This is why I never want to be famous.  The krazies.

If he gets his butt convicted (which, please put him away?  For the rest of us?)  he’s facing 10 years and a fine of $250k.