De Niro Wins

I was really happy about this one.

OK, here’s the basic gist of what happened. When you film a movie, there’s insurance. Including on the actors.  In this case, Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co. were the insurers for the movie Hide and Seek.  It was released in 2005.  The filming was delayed (2003) because Robert De Niro found out he had prostate cancer, and needed to treat it.

De Niro did, and had surgery, and is now reported to be cancer free.

In the meantime…  anytime a film is delayed it costs a lot of money – and the insurers are the ones who pay it.  So they sued him – saying he lied on the insurance exam when asked about his prostate.  He said, um, no…  I found out about it a few days AFTER you all did your exam.  At the time, I told the truth.

Judge agreed with him.  Awesome.

God I hate corporations!  Here!  Give me $2 million because YOU almost died.  kthxbye.