Shia + Smoking = Arrest

shialabeouf.jpgShia LaBeouf missed his court date. Why was he going to court? “Unlawful Smoking.”

Isn’t that usually a fine?

So, what do they do? ISSUE AN ARREST WARRANT! Aren’t there better things for the legal system to do? I mean… I get it. Law broken… Court… Didn’t show. But let’s put this in perspective.


Oh – and his lawyer didn’t show either – which probably means that someone dropped the ball somewhere. No self respecting lawyer is going to NOT show up to court on purpose.

This all happened in Burbank too – and just so you know, that law is fairly new. Like this year. So, he probably didn’t even know about the law in the first place! It just seems so trivial to me.

However!  A court commissioner then recalled the warrant when his lawyer showed up the next day (today) to plead not guilty.

Now there’s a pretrial hearing scheduled for April 24th.  For a hearing!  For a trial!  For smoking!  Your Burbank tax dollars at work right there.

Photo: SodaHead