Woody Allen Sues

woodyallen.jpgAmerican Apparel is getting sued by Woody Allen.

Does this seem odd to anyone else?

Anyway, Woody is after $10million bucks.  Yes, $10million – for using his image in their advertising.

In federal court Monday, Allen said he never endorses services or commercials products in the United States, making the ads “especially egregious and damaging.”

Basically, the image they used is taken from a scene in Annie Hall.  So, the way I see it is:  they don’t owe him a dime.

Unless he owns all the rights to the film.

Which he very well might.  But I think THAT’S where the suit should lay, not with his personal image.

Allen claims he was never contacted by American Apparel and never allowed the use of his image. He says the billboard falsely implies that he sponsors American Apparel.

I don’t see how that could be considered hip marketing anyway, so it sounds like this particular campaign’s going to end up costing big bucks.

Oh, and I’m sure there’s a marketing executive out there shopping his resume right about now.

Photo: Oscar… At a Glance