Rob Lowe Sues Babysitter

Creative Commons License photo credit: Alan Light

Rob Lowe and his wife has sued a former employee, Laura Boyce, for defamation and breach of conduct.

Basically they’re saying she broke confidentiality, as well as flat out lied.

This is only one of three.  He’s also suing former nanny, Jessica Gibson, and chef Peter Clements.
Basically they’re all talking and they weren’t supposed to.  AND apparently they’re lying.

“Thank you so much sheryl [sic] and I really am sorry. Please tell the kids it had nothing 2 do w them, they are absolutely amazing boys. It had nothing to do with you or rob either, this was me. I love you guys. Ps tell rob I’m really sorry as well.”

“Does that sound like someone who has been treated badly?” Lowe writes.

“Everyone knows we live in a time where public figures are targets,” he continues. “But I also know of many people in everyday life who are paying the price of a climate where anyone can accuse anybody of anything, anytime, and hope for a big cash pay-off at the end…No one intimidates my family…We will defend ourselves with vigor and without fear.”

The man’s fighting it – and I say kudos to him!