Rob Lowe’s Legal Woes

Creative Commons License photo credit: Alan Light

I think it’s time for me to give you an update on this post about the nanny legal troubles Rob Lowe and his family are experiencing.

Rob Lowe’s attorney, Larry Stein, is not taking any of this sitting down.

A second nanny has come forward with a sexual harassment suit against BOTH Lowe and his wife.

Lowe has sued both nannies right back – as well as his chef – for a bunch of employee issues.

“Having struck out against Rob Lowe, Gloria Allred now seeks to drag his wife and children into the fray,” Stein said.

“In response to a lawsuit against Laura Boyce by the Lowes, Ms. Allred filed a cross-complaint on behalf of Boyce, which contains false allegations, in an apparent attempt to divert the negative publicity which Allred’s client, [Jessica] Gibson, has universally received. Although framed as a sexual harassment claim against both Sheryl and Rob Lowe, the cross-complaint alleges only words by Sheryl and never mentions any words or conduct by Rob whatsoever.

“The alleged statements by Sheryl are totally unrelated to, and do not provide any support for, Gibson’s claims against Rob.”

Apparently Lowe’s wife Sheryl was quite the little tart, what with all the offensive language and nudity.

Those poor poor nannies.


Get real.  This family hired them to be part of their personal lives.  Period.  We’re not talking about a corporate environment.  And, I’m sorry, these people do NOT need to be all put together all the time, and cordial.  That’s not real life.  If you’re working odd hours – chances are, you’re going to see these people at their worst, best, and everything in between.  That’s called life.  You don’t sue for witnessing their real life later on.

Money money money is the name of the game.