Updates on Uma and Foxy

First – on that little Foxy Brown incident

It was all a misunderstanding and the warrant has been rescinded. What? Since when does our legal system allow for “misunderstandings?”

Apparently, the lawyer had the case delayed ’til May 8th, but for some reason court officials didn’t change the date in the official calendar.When the court realized the mistake, the judge reportedly withdrew the bench warrant.

Guess she’s not going to jail again. Yet.

And second – the Uma Stalker case… It went to jury, and the verdict is in.  The Manhattan jury found the dude guilty.

They found him guilty of stalking and aggravated harassment – there were two other counts but those he was acquitted of.

He’ll be sentenced next month – and here’s the thing I don’t like.  He could get up to a year.  A year.  For talking about how her children shouldn’t exist, and calling her parents, following her, sending her threatening letters about how his hands should be on her all the time, and threatening to kill himself.  Not to mention he’s a former mental patient…  as in locked up.  I just think a year is not enough time.  I mean is that enough time for his obsession to wane?  He didn’t take a plea so he could see her, actually see her up close, in court!  I just don’t think it’s enough time.  Although it’s plenty of time for him to obsess even more.

“I’ve learned some disturbing things about this defendant during this case. I am going to remand him for a psychiatric exam,” the judge said.

Finally, a voice of reason.  Wacko.

Jordan’s attorney, George Vomvolakis. asked Carro to place his client in protective custody, noting Jordan faces “specific threats because he’s a stalker…[and] was actually assaulted” in jail after his arrest.

You mean being in jail with OTHER criminals isn’t a bed of roses?  Seriously – I hope that either he gets more than a year, or that the year is spent in psychiatric care.