More Court for Uma

Creative Commons License photo credit: Montrasio International

Uma Thurman is being sued, E! is reporting.  Lancme, the French cosmetics giant, is suing.  Apparently they used her image after her contract expired sans money.

Wondering then, why they would sue her?  Yeah me too.

  Per the complaint filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Lancme maintains it never “knowingly or intentionally” continued to use Thurman’s face to push its products and that any webpages still featuring her old photos were never meant to be publicly available.But according to her attorney, Thurman, who inked a multimillion-dollar deal with Lancme in 2000, says her pics showed up on Asian websites and on a Canadian billboard touting the company’s Miracle skin-care line. She has not formally filed suit against Lancme, which is looking to have a judge preemptively rule that the company did not wrongfully use her image.

Lancme “pulled the pages off as soon as they found out about them,” Peter Raymond, one of the company’s lawyers, told the New York Daily News. “They didn’t even know they were there.”

So – basically they’re saying “Oops!  Our bad!  Don’t hurt us!” and having a judge hold them no fault.  Apparently they’re also open to a settlement.

Isn’t that nice of them, when they screwed up.

But in a letter to Lancme, Thurman’s attorney, Burt Fields, wrote that even $1 million hardly fits the bill.

“Look at the huge free benefit Lancme gets from using her,” Fields told the Daily News. “The French want to accept that benefit without paying for it.”

“Obviously, the French have decided they won’t even try to resolve this amicably,” he said. “So they have filed this sneak attack.”

Which is lovely.  Since she just finished the trial of her stalker.  Guess they thought her defenses would be down?