Dennis Farina in the Stupid Column

dennis-farina.jpgI don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Dennis Farina is in major… like felony major trouble. For bringing a freakin’ firearm to the airport. IS HE STUPID?  It was LOADED.  And UNREGISTERED.

He should know better.  He used to BE a police officer. And yet – he was arrested at LAX after the screeners found the .22 semiauto in his briefcase.  He was released on bail, however he’s been charged with a felony (upgraded from misdemeanor since it wasn’t registered.)

Photo: Rotten Tomatoes

“Farina was very apologetic and cooperative with officers,” police said. “However, he had no apparent authority to carry a concealed weapon at the time of his arrest.”

Then why the hell was he.

This is again, another incredible case of What Were You Thinking?  Seriously.