Yoko wins?

Remember that whole Yoko Ono suit with John getting in a little puff-puff?

Well – I can’t believe it, but Yoko won the court case.

She is now able to stop it. I think this is wrong since she doesn’t actually have the rights to the footage. but hey, what do I know?

Ono insists she owns the rights, since she claimed she purchased the tapes from World Wide Video through a Florida man.

The case gets a bit confusing around this point, but World Wide Video claims the tapes were stolen and then sold to Ono illegally.

They then sued Ono for copyright infringement in a bid to publicly show them.

Joseph Doyle, the attorney for WWV said the case is still pending as the judge has yet to rule on several other aspects of the case. Doyle insists that the question of who owned the videotapes has not been resolved.

So who knows.  All I know is, she’s going to an awful lot of trouble to stop the showing of John as the hippy that everyone already knows he was.  That’s just weird.