Another Kennedy?

Now…  Because this guy isn’t a celebrity, I normally wouldn’t post this here.  But I just find it so bizarre that I’m posting it anyway.

Jack Worthington thinks he’s JFK’s long lost son.

No, I’m not kidding.

He’s asking the Kennedy clan to provide a DNA sample so that he can see if there’s a match between him and the President Kennedy, who was assassinated November 22,1963.  That would be Jack Worthington’s 2nd birthday. That would place his conception early in the presidency.

Thus far, there’s no proof, hence his request for DNA.

Last week, the New York Post reported that Vanity Fair magazine has been working on a story about a possible biological son of JFK living in Vancouver. The report said the man’s mother was from Texas, and had been introduced to Mr. Kennedy by his vice-president, Lyndon Johnson.Vanity Fair has been working on the story for about 18 months, according to the Post, but was holding off on publishing it after contacting Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy, JFK’s brother. The report indicated that Vanity Fair would print the story once proof could be found through measures such as DNA testing.

Now…  No one ever said JFK was a good boy.  He was kind of known as a ladies man, married or not.

It also seems as though he never wanted his name revealed publicly.

I just don’t know.  Publicity hound?  Truth?  Who knows, but I certainly find it at least a little fascinating.

Mel Gibson’s A Good Boy

Mel Gibson went back to court in his ongoing DUI case.

The judge said that even though he’s got another year and a half of probation – he’s “completed the requirements of his plea.”  He had pled no contest to the charges.

The judge also said he didn’t need to come check in anymore.

Well.  I certainly hope he stays sober…  But you just never know.

Josh Booty Arrested (And Tased)

joshbooty.jpgSportscaster Josh Booty done got himself tased!

Um…  The word is uncooperative.

Anyhoo he got hauled due to a DUI and taken to the OC Jail.  That’s where he apparently lost it.   When he got tased he managed to bust open his head and needed stitches.

Is it just me, or are the arrests on the rise?

Photo: The Hollywood Gossip

B-Baller Investigated

richardjefferson.jpgBasketballer NBA All-Star forward, Richard Jefferson, is in trouble.  He apparently allegedly tried to choke someone at a club, and then threatened someone else.  This all went down at the Graves 601 Hotel.

They, of course, have no comment.

Anger Management in someone’s future?


Mel’s Passion Writer Suing

melgibson.jpgThe writer of the script for Mel Gibson’s Pasion of the Christ is suing the filmmaker and his Icon Productions.  He was under the impression it would be a low budget fling.  Not so.  But he charged as if it were – so we wants some cash thrown his way.

He got a “relatively small salary,” and a $75,000 production bonus (if the thing actually gets produced,) and $75,000 if it broke even at the BO.  He also was to get 5% of the revenue.

The writer “accepted a salary substantially less than what he would have taken had he known the true budget for the film.”  And he’s asking for unspecified damages.

I say pay him the difference between his fee, and his standard big budget film.

But you know that’s not going to happen.  He’s got $tar$ in his eyes.



No Bail for Barron

barronhilton.jpgBarron Hilton – heir and brother of Paris – pulled a no-no.  The 18-year-old got busted big time.  He posted his bail…  No thanks to his family… $20,000 worth.

He had a .14 alcohol reading.

Good Lord.  Kid was WASTED.

Technically though he hasn’t been charged with anything.  The case has been passed to the prosecutors to view.


Arraignment date is April 14.

I have a feeling that while daddy won’t show his son the money…  Money will be greasing some unseen wheels.

Photo: The Hollywood Gossip

Barkers Now Singular

travisshanna.jpgTravis Barker and Shanna Moakler are officially divorced.

The Meet the Barkers stars got unhitched earlier this month. But as I recall from my celeb hawking, they were on/off/on for quite a while. Yes there are kids – 2 and a step – but there doesn’t seem to be any legal wrangling involved with them (thank God.)

Photo: Makeup by Alexis

Divorce Finally in the Works for McCartney and Mills

paulandheather.jpgFinal divorce proceeding seem to finally be moving in the Paul McCartney and Heather Mills Saga.  They’ve started on the court proceedings (which they think will take a week) – finally coming to terms.  “Coming to terms” = Money into Heather’s pocket.

One thing I think interesting…  McCartney had his lawyer with him – big guns too.  It was Fiona Shackleton – Prince Charles’ lawyer.  You know – the divorce with someone named Diana?  So this is a big lawyer.  Heather Mills was apparently solo.  That’s either the biggest show of arrogance, or the biggest show of idiocy ever.  Maybe both.

The sessions are closed – so any scoop will, of course, be leaked.

There doesn’t seem to be any issues with their daughter – but with these two, you never know.

Photo: Daily Mail

No Updates Monday

Sorry guys – no updates today…  Got some medical schtuff to take care of.  But I should be back tomorrow giving you the latest and greatest!

Leo Has Trouble Dribbling

dicaprio.jpgLeo’s fightin’…  He and his cousin (also his landlord – wha?) are suing their contractors…  Apparently they’re building a basketball court, and the neighbors are claiming that it destabilized their own property.

The neighbors sued DiCaprio – hence his suit

The latest complaint from DiCaprio says the Linclaus’ lawsuit has no merit, but if damages are found then the contractors are to blame.

Ahhhhh…..  Don’t you love the smell of money in the air?

Photo: West Side Tale