Willie Andrews Arrested

willieandrews.jpgWillie Andrews, New England Patriots Defensive Back (not that I know what that is exactly, but that’s what he is) has been busted for mary jane possession and driving an unregistered vehicle.


He’s supposed to be arraigned this afternoon.

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Subpoena Issued in Spears Case

michaelsands.jpgThis is in regards to the child custody case, not her mental capacity case.

Michael Sands received a subpoena by Britney’s lawyers. He’s a big time PR person that Kevin Federline’s lawyer, Mark Kaplan, hired to handle the media.


Photo: Michael Sands

Teri Hatcher to go to Arbitration

terihatcher.jpgA judge ruled that the lawsuit against Teri Hatcher by a cosmetics company should be settled in arbitration, and not in court. Hydroderm is accusing her of breaching their contract. Hatcher is saying she did nothing wrong, and that her business with Hydroderm had nothing to do with a previous deal she had with CityLips – the company she was endorsing, which pissed Hydroderm off.


Seriously – endorsement deals… Does seeing a star mention it make you want it? Not me. If I see a star doing it, I assume it’s outside of my range of income. I also think, “sell-out.”

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Mommy’s Mad

sonjarayj.jpgSonja Norwood – singer Brandy and rapper Ray J’s mom/manager – is suing the Kardashian kids for charging over $120,000 on her credit cards.

Kim Kardashian was in a video doing naughty things with Ray J.

Sonja claims that Kim, who was Brandy’s stylist in 2004, “was authorized to make one (and only one) purchase on behalf of [Sonja],” using her American Express card.


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Another Britney Post – I’m Sorry

I’m sorry!  Nobody’s getting arrested, or serving papers, or anything but Britney! – or her entourage and family.

So, you get another Britney update.

Tell you what – I’ll just round it out neatly in one paragraph, with links to the sources…  That might make the suffering less.  Or not.  But you can’t say I didn’t try.

It’s all a little confusing because there are so so so many lawyers involved.  Attorney Adam Streisand (yes of that family) has asked the court to remove Jamie (Daddy) as conservator.  According to Streisan, Britney’s worth $40 million, but is in the middle of an IRS audit with her record label and has multiple businesses.  He wants the Commissioner to name Northern Trust Bank, and Howard Grossman, Britney’s manager (her real business manager) as her conservators.  But the Commissioner doesn’t seem to be sure that Streisand is actually Britney’s attorney.  Not only that, but a court appointed lawyer (probably needed a lawyer just to keep the other one’s straight) went and saw Britney and says that she’s totally nutso and can’t make decisions legal or otherwise.  Ok, he probably said something to the effect of lacking the capacity to retain a lawyer.  So where did Adam Streisand come from?  In further news…  the conservators (Daddy) can’t get Lufti served!  Lufti won’t answer his door and accept the damn thing.  Not only that, but he was talking to Britney over the weekend – against the restraining order.  Daddy and his lawyers are trying to get Britney’s divorce attorneys fired.  Why?  I’m not totally sure.  She wouldn’t be getting help she’s getting without them, considering the “fact” – who knows really – that they’re the ones who hired the psychiatrist who committed Britney.  Of course they’re particularly chummy with Lufti so that’s probably the reason behind that one.

Whew.  Did I confuse you yet?  Don’t worry…  You’re not the only one.

Aries Spears Arrested

ariesspears.JPGAnother Spears arrest – this time it’s comedian Aries Spears.  He was arrested in New York for “forcible touching” (??) which is a misdemeanor.  It’s basically fondling.  A woman claimed it happened at the Comix Comedy club where he was performing.

I have no snark here.  I’ve never heard of him.  [insert your own snark here.]

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Another Britney Roundup

OK…  Another round of Britney.  Yes, I’m sick of her.  But she’s made it into the legal realm which is my little bit of heaven right here.

First off…  Remember I told you about Daddy taking over? Well…  Here’s the little bit of fallout from that (although I’m sure there’ll be more on Monday, the next business day.)  The LAPD had to go out, again, to Brit’s home in Beverly Hills on Friday.  This time it’s because after Jamie and Lynn went back to her place to check it out, they noticed some stuff missing.  They think it was taken after Britney was taken to the hospital.  Hmmmmmm.  Could it be Osama Lufti?

In further hospital news…  It’s been reported that her stay has indeed been extended to a 14 day hold.

We’ll see what the future holds tomorrow.

Seriously – when’s the last time we’ve seen such DRAMA from a family?

LAPD – Mental Health Unit Interview

Click here to read a Newsweek interview with the LAPD’s Mental Health Unit – the one’s who took Britney away…

Not Britney News!

richardhatch.jpgSo…Survivor’s Richard Hatch appealed, and a federal appeals court upheld the conviction on tax-evasion. Basically – again – they said no to his claim that he was under the impression that the producers of the show were going to pay the taxes on his prize.

I can’t believe that these people really believe that they don’t need to pay their own taxes!!!

Hatch is currently up for release in October 2009.

Survivor mastermind Mark Burnett took the stand during Hatch’s trial… He testified that Hatch and all the contestants signed contracts stating they were responsible for their own taxes.

These people slay me. They really do.

Britney Spears – The Roundup

spearsparents.jpgI was trying to keep up with all the legal/court stories about Britney’s troubles in the last couple days – and I just couldn’t do it.  I saved them all up, and I’m going to sum it all up here, shall I?

First off – Brit’s parents went to court.  Her father, Jamie Spears and lawyer Andrew Wallet  were granted temporary control over Britney in an emergency hearing on Friday.

He now has power over her visitors in the hospital, and he can keep Osama Lufti away.  Commissioner Reva Goetz found this to be in Britney’s best interest, and that Jamie was qualified for the role.  This also means that Jamie can “prosecute any civil harassment restraining orders.”  There is a civil restraining order against Lufti.  The status of that one will be in court on Feb. 22nd.

This is all just on a temporary basis until Monday, and apparently there will be another hearing at that time.  But this does allow him, in addition to saying yay or nay, to employ security guards for her in the hospital.

In addition – Spear’s Daddy gets access to her medical records, and he can talk to her doctors.  He also has temporary control over the finances – and lock up her house, change the locks, and toss hangers-on that might be in the house.

Daddy can also revoke contracts she made recently (such as that new car!)  Which to me makes sense, ’cause she was already losing it.

He can’t actually make medical decisions on her behalf.

The lawyer, Wallet (anyone see the irony?), is there to be an independent, objective voice in all this – essentially to protect Britney’s interests.

Lufti had this to say,  “I object to this. Britney is fully capable of handling her own finances. Her doctors are capable of handling her health care… You’d think in a time like this, the family would be at the hospital taking care of their daughter, rather than fighting for her money. How sad.”  Personally – I think he’s the reason they had to be in court – to protect their daughter.  As to her being able to control her finances???  Good Lord she’s in lockdown in a psychiatric facility.  um.  no.

The effect of the order is that Sam Lutfi has, at least temporarily, been shut out of Britney’s world. He will not be able to go to her home or the hospital, or have any other contact with her.

In OTHER Britney news…  The lawyer team in the conservatorship with Daddy, and her custody dispute are NOT the same team.

We know Britney’s divorce team at the law firm of Trope and Trope has been dealing with newly-exiled Sam Lutfi and believes he is well-meaning. Jamie Spears, the freshly appointed co-conservator, has made it clear he dislikes the Trope firm and wants them out of Britney’s life — in large part because of the firm’s alliance with Sam.

And then…  In all this…  Is, of course, Britney herself.  After learning Daddy was in control, she went ballistic.  In a british accent.  No, I’m not kidding.  She was also under the impression that she was getting out on Friday – not gonna happen.

Whew.  So that’s as much as I know right now.

It’s a freakshow.

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