Snipes Verdict In

wesleysnipescourt.jpgAs I mentioned to you before, Wesley Snipes’ tax evasion trial was sent to the jury for deliberation on  Monday.

Well…  According to AP, the verdict is in.

NOT GUILTY of federal tax-fraud and conspiracy, but GUILTY on three counts of failing to file a tax return.  Now instead of 16 years in prison, he’s facing a possible 3.

Oy.  I mean, ok, jury of peers and all that.  But still.  Dude shouldn’t have relied so much on others, and should have had to pay the penalty for that.  I don’t know that prison should be enforced for that.

But MONEY damn well should.


Spears Parents Head to Court

lynnspears.jpgLynn and Jamie Spears went to court today to attempt to gain a conservatorship for Britney…  They want to make sure Brit’s “manager” Lufti isn’t making decisions for her and protect her assets and interests.

The hearing is apprently scheduled for 1:30pm (pacific) – so I’ll let you know what the result is when if it is released.

Do I think this is a good move?  Yes.  Yes I do.  Chickie needs help, certainly.  And I definitely don’t think any “manager” – and really?  What’s she doing with a manger?  She’s not working, so he doesn’t need to be her constant companion – should have as much control over her as he does.

Damn but this is a messed up family.

Photo: msnbc

Lesley Stahl Robbed


A thief stole about $100,000 worth of jewelry and electronics from Lesley Stahl’s apartment in New York during the day.  He got away with several diamond watches, pearls, necklaces, earrings, and a laptop.

1.  I hope she has insurance.

2. I hope she didn’t have anything too useful on the laptop.

3.  Finally, I don’t think all that I own – including cars, jewelry, retirement and savings accounts, and computers – would add up to $100,000.  Damn these people piss me off sometimes.

Photo: CBS News

Remy Ma Trial Date Set


Remy Ma’s trial has been set, reports TMZ.

She’s on trial for assault (shot her friend – allegedly) and witness-tampering.  There is now a temp date set for February 25th.

Of course she was actually arrested in July of ’07 – so, it’s been a while.


Reporter Arrested at Angelina and Brad’s House

bradandangelina.jpgA dude who says he’s a freelance reporter was arrested outside Brad & Angelina’s house in Hollywood Hills.  Eric Ray Mitchell was asking around as to where their house is.  Talk about creepy.

The family wasn’t home at the time…  The housekeeper called the coppers, after she noticed that a car was blocking the entrance.


Dog is Free

dog.jpgDuane “Dog” Chapman will not be extradited to Mexico, rules a Mexican appellate court.

The charges up for grabs was his 2003 catching of Andrew Luster (the rapist and Max Factor heir.)

“We are ecstatic that this nightmare is finally over and happy to see the Mexican justice system works,” the 54-year-old Dog the Bounty Hunter star and his wife, Beth, said in a statement. “We can all now move forward.”

The panel decision was unanimous.  He’s completely free – charges dismissed, which was welcome news after 4 years.

And, quite frankly – HELLO HE CAUGHT A CONVICTED RAPIST…  He fled so he wouldn’t have to face his sentence (ended up being 124 years.  Yeah that’s three digits.)  for raping three women.  Dog’s a bounty hunter and he – er – hunted him down.

However – bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico – so yeah he caught a rapist, but even looking was a nono.  But he’s a freebird now.

Photo: NNDB 

Britney Spears Committed – Again

britneyambulance.jpg Britney Spears is off to the hospital again – this time apparently for the whole 72-hour period on a mental hold, early Thursday morning.

There was a full on police motorcade going. At the house there were plainclothes officers, motorcycle police, ambulance crews, and even some of the brass! (ie: they didn’t want to get their asses sued.) She was taken to UCLA Medical Center.

A judge has signed a 5150 order, so she’s definitely going to stay the whole time period.  TMZ was told that there’s a “good possibility” that it will be extended to 2 weeks.

Of course the parents are fighting with Sam Lufti, her “manager,” over who will take care of her.  Good for them.  It’s time to boost that leech out of her life.

Prior to her being transported, her new psychiatrist that her lawyers hired last week came to the house, and he’s the one who triggered the escort to the hospital and the mental hold.

TMZ says:

As TMZ first reported, Britney has already been diagnosed with a bipolar disorder and has sporadically taken her medication.

OK – there is so much to snark here.  Really.  But I’m not going to.  The bottom line is this…  This woman is a mother, who cannot see her children due to her mental illness.  Because of who she is, people have taken advantage of her, and really taken advantage of her mental illness.  This has caused her to lose her mental stability, lose her children, lose her dignity…

Truly she’s dug a really really deep hole.  I don’t know if she can make it out.  Perhaps, now that her parents are here, she’ll really get the help she needs?  I don’t know, I mean they did raise her after all.  One could argue that that’s a good AND a bad thing.

But I do know one thing.  Call KFed whatever you want – but he’s taken the steps he needed to to protect his children.  He’s also kept his mouth shut about it.  And you know what?  He probably could have ripped into her like no one else during these months of watching her go down the drain.  But he didn’t.  Even his attorney, when speaking, basically only spoke of the legal manouverings. I can’t believe it.

I’ve gained respect for Kevin Federline.


Ruben Studdard Sues

Ruben StuddardFormer Idol Ruben Studdard has sued a concert promoter…   He wants $45,000 from Peachez for breach of contract.  There’s been no response from Studdard’s camp or from the Peachez camp.

So.  Those are the only details I found, but here’s the way I see it.  He lost his record company due to bad sales.   Now he’s suing the promoting company, because it’s their fault he had bad sales?  I suppose it makes sense.


Evi Quaid Has a Touch of The Crazy

Randy and Evi Quaid Evi Quaid, wife of actor Randy Quaid apparently went off. She was at the Actor’s Equity Association (a union) offices, who had an issue of some kind with Randy Quaid. Apparently 23 members filed charges against him in regards to Lone Star Love in Seattle.

Evi (and Randy was with her) went into the offices where she started screaming at the receptionist (all of a young 76 years old.) She kicked her with her boots, and drew blood… I believe that’s termed assault kiddies.

She told some of the members to f-ck off… She also claimed that they were all part of a Nazi plot to take down her husband. One staffer claims she screamed, “I’m going to get you… You are a Nazi bitch.”

One witness also claims Evi Quaid bitched her out on the phone and when she told her “the call would be terminated” Evi replied simply that she’d “like to terminate your existence on this planet.”

Sooooooo… Four restraining order requests were filed against her. (I can’t imagine why.)


Britney Spears Sued…

britneyspears.jpgAnd no, not by KFed.

Spears is being sued for more than $50,000 – for clothes -by Nancy Rosu, a Las Vegas fashion consultant. The complaint filed on Jan. 18th says Spears allegedly hasn’t paid since August, 2007. She’s worked with Spears since August, 2006.

Despite the lawsuit, Rosu wants to continue the relationship with Spears, Tricano said.

“There’s no ill will or hard feelings,” Tricano told R-J court reporter David Kihara. “I know she’s (Spears) got a lot of things going on in her life.”

Um. There’s no hard feelings! Here’s the court documents to prove it! Although, I gotta say… If one has a business, and one wished to eat be paid for services rendered, then one must go after the non-payers. I just think it’s asinine to say there’s no hard feelings once someone files something in court.