Trump Sued

trump.jpgAccording to TMZ, Donald Trump is getting sued.

Nights at Vegas, Inc. is suing him for $4 billion (that’s with a Bee.)  Only problem is – he’s only worth $2 B (the poor poor baby.)  The property management company had leased some of the condos in the Trump International Hotel & Tower (Las Vegas.)

Why are they suing?

Trump has allegedly made it a leeeetle difficult to do their thing – he prohibited them from using the name “Trump” in their advertising and marketing.  A little hard to rent the condos in “TRUMP TOWER.”

And, of course, Trump had no comment.

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Hollywood Couple Sentenced

James Jackson, former VP of Legal affairs at Sony Pictures, and his wife, Elizabeth, were sentenced today, after pleading guilty to alien harboring and forced labor. In other words – slavery.

He’s been sentenced to 200 hours of community service for the alien harboring. She’s been sentenced to 3 years in jail for the forced labor.

This was all in response to what they did to former schoolteacher Nena Ruiz (from the article):

  • Ruiz was forced to eat three-day-old food and to sleep on a dog basket after working 18 hours a day.
  • Over the course of several months’ employment between 2001 and 2002 she was paid only 300 dollars.
  • Ruiz said Elizabeth Jackson regularly slapped her and pulled her hair.
  • The Jacksons also threatened to turn her over to immigration authorities if she left them.
  • Ruiz finally fled the Jacksons after she was hit in the mouth with a water bottlein February 2002.

Defense lawyers argued against a jail sentence for Jackson, saying the couple had already suffered enough by being forced to declare bankruptcy.

Awwwwwwwww…  Poor babies.  Because they don’t have their money anymore, it’s not necessary to put them in jail, because that is punishment enough.  Please.  I bet that even though their “dog” got a judgment in the civil suit, her dignity is probably  worth a lot more to her.  It has no monetary value.  That’s what they don’t seem to get.  And THAT’S the worst part about this industry…  The sense of entitlement some people allow themselves to get.

Sorry – but I couldn’t find a photo of these sickos.

Miley is Officially Miley

mileycyrus.jpgFinally!  We go to court for something other than idiocy!

Miley Cyrus of Hanna Montana fame has legally changed her name.  Born Destiny Hope Cyrus, as a child she eventually had the nickname Smiley…  Which morphed into Miley…  Which she now wants to keep.  The 15 year old Destiny Hope Cyrus has now changed her name to Miley Ray Cyrus – Ray in honor of her dad.

Hmmmm.  Ahhh well, to each his own

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Foxy Loses Early Release Bid

foxybrown.jpgHere’s a blurb just released from E!

A judge has denied Foxy Brown‘s request to be released from jail early so that she can travel to California for an ear examination and repair of her cochlear implant. The rapper filed a motion earlier this month stating that her hearing condition was getting worse in jail and that she needed to seek the help of specialists at Los Angeles’ House Clinic. Prosecutors countered that she could get the help she needed in New York.

Hmmmm…  A ploy for early release, or does she really want her specialist?  Now, I realize prosecutors said she could get her help from New York, but on the other hand as a parent to two special needs kids – I understand the value of going to YOUR specialist.

By the way, was I the only one who didn’t know she had a cochlear??

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Defense Rests in Snipes Evasion Case

wesleysnipes.JPGWesley Snipes’ defense team, led by Robert Barnes, rested their case on Monday morning, without calling any witnesses to testify.  They spent just one hour in the courtroom.  As oppose to the Prosecution’s 2 weeks worth of presentation.

Which seems rather…  strange.

Snipes is on trial for tax evasion.

Barnes & Co. explained their no-defense tactic by claiming the prosecution’s case was so weak, they bore the “complete failure of their burden.”

“We could have put on a big show, but we don’t do that. We’re not going to waste the jury’s time.”

Snipes claims that the financial management company Starr and Co. gave him faulty advice about proper tax paying.

You know – ’cause if someone tells you wrong, you didn’t actually commit a crime.  I’ll be sure to tell the next Officer who pulls me over that I just didn’t know!  I’m sure it’ll go over swell.

On Friday, Internal Revenue Service agent Steward Stich testified that between 1999 and 2004, Snipes earned $37,897,053, but that he failed to file tax returns or pay any taxes whatsoever on the income.

OK – 1) I may be a little bitter.  Because even though we’ve got two full time incomes and 2 part time incomes in our little household –  $37,897,053 seems GROSSLY overpaid.  2) DUDE!  What made him think he didn’t need to pay taxes??

The case is expected to go to closings on Tuesday, and then it’s off to the jury.   However, a fast verdict isn’t being expected. He could face up to 16 year sin prison.

And just so we’re all clear – I pay my taxes.  Like a smart good girl.

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Hogan Divorce Battle Heats Up

hogan5.jpgSo apparently… The Hogan Bollea divorce is getting ugly. Who could’ve guessed that?

Linda has asked for the money to be frozen from the sale of one of their homes… Terry received $10 million.

In addition, Linda says he’s tried to trick her into signing a “post-nuptial agreement” – is there even such a thing? As well as other “legal shenanigans.”

Apparently, this resulted in Linda removed $1.5 million from their accounts… But she hasn’t spent it yet. <cough>


Judith Regan Lawsuit Settled.

judithregan.jpgJudith Regan, the publisher who was fired when they decided not to publish OJ’s book, has settled her lawsuit against HarperCollins.  She was suing for defamation.

Of course, the terms are confidential.  Hopefully someone will leak how much moola she got.

Ms. Regan accused them of mounting a “malicious assault on her character and reputation.” A spokeswoman for News Corporation said the settlement covered all parties.

Regan claimed she was fired for making an anti-Semitic remark, and that the situation was made up.

In the statement, News Corporation said, “After carefully considering the matter, we accept Ms. Regan’s position that she did not say anything that was anti-Semitic in nature, and further believe that Ms. Regan is not anti-Semitic.”

heheheh.  Someone made a boo-boo.

The company added: “Ms. Regan is a talented publisher who created many award-winning and best-selling books during her twelve and a half years at the company. News Corp. thanks Ms. Regan for her outstanding contributions and wishes her continued success.”

And also kissing ass.


More Britney

britneyspears.jpgMore litigation with Britney – this time in regards to her car accident last August.

Basically, she lives in California – but never bothered to get her CA driver’s license.  She caused a fender-bender, and was caught without the proper license.

Michael Flanagan, one of her attorney’s (how many does she have now?) won a delay.  They now have until February 20th to do something – reach a plea or schedule a trial.

The postponement buys Brit’s lawyer time to hash things out with the prosecutor, who according to Flanagan, wants the pop star to plead guilty to a misdemeanor for driving with a Louisiana license in California, the AP reports.

Britney was born in the Bayou state and owns homes there, but because she lives in Los Angeles, she is required to get a California license. Flanagan claims his client did just that a week after the charges were originally filed, according to the AP.

BUT – she should have done that years ago when she MOVED HERE!

You know what really bugs me about Britney?  The very evident sense of denial about things around her, and her sense of entitlement.  I want to smack her around.  I really do.  I want to take her into my home, and make her live “real” life for a little while.  I’m not even talking about money here…  I’m talking about getting the nitty gritty done. The things that responsible adults (AND PARENTS) do on a daily basis.  I, a 32 year old wife, mother, and working woman, want to take her under my wing – after I smack her – and show her how to be a responsible grownup.  But, according to other reports, she doesn’t listen to anybody and does exactly what she wants…  And then claims bewilderment when things don’t go her way.



Hunter Tylo Files Suit

Bold and the Beautiful‘s Hunter Tylo filed a wrongful death suit Thursday against the Henderson, Nev., therapist who was counseling her 19-year-old son, Michael Tylo II, before he died in a drowning accident last October. huntertylo.jpg

The claim is an ammendment to a 2006 suit against Shanna Downing, who was counseling the family.  Basically Tylo is saying that her son’s death was related to his seizure disorder – which Downing failed to recognize, refer, or treat.

Downing says that she was counseling the family because Michael was having troubles with the divorce between his parents.

“She was anti-medicine and pro-acupuncture,” Patricia Vaccarino, Tylo’s attorney, told PEOPLE. “Downing did not believe in medication. If things had been done differently then [Michael II] may not have died.”

Downing apparently told the family that once the stress was gone, the seizure’s would disappear.

Hmmmm.  See, here’s the thing.  As evidenced by my other blog, Special Needs Parent, I’m a huge proponent of the parent being THE advocate for one’s child.  And common sense says – even if you are the crunchiest granola parent on the planet – seizures = medical MD stat.  Period.  It bothers me, as a mom, that Tylo did not do that.  As a mother I truly feel for her pain.  But my question stands…  Why didn’t she consult a “regular” doctor?


more to come

Oh my gosh – there are so many legal ramblings….  I’ll just have to go one by one to get you the information.  So – there may be quite a few posts today.

Just so you know…  I may get snarky and add my opinions on the idiocy of some of these people – but when it comes to death, you won’t get snark from me.  I may have commentary or questions, but at the end of the day, it’s a life on this earth snuffed out, and unless they were just the devil incarnate here on earth – I’ll respect that.