It’s OK To Sue Mommy Now?

tamaramellon.jpgTamara Mellon, co-founder of Jimmy Choo shoes, is suing her mommy, Ann Yeardye, to the tune of $10 million.


Apparently mommy mistakenly got some stock in a sale that should have gone to daughter dearest, and now she won’t give it back.

I wouldn’t want to be at the family dinner.


Diddy’s Case is Set For Court

seancombs.jpgSean Combs’ start date has been set on May 27th for his civil case.

Aside: Did you hear he changed is name again?? Now he wants to be called Sean John. That is so freakin’ annoying… I never know what to call him! Sean? Puffy? PDiddy? I dunno. So I call him Sean Combs – you know – ’cause it’s his name.

Gerald Rechnitzer says he was assaulted (I’m never quite sure what “assaulted” means – he punched him? Beat the crap out of him?) last year at a nightclub by Combs. The dude did file a report with the LAPD, but no charges were filed.  I guess that means this is his last chance at his own bling?

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Police Investigating Amy Winehouse Video

amy_winehouse240.jpgAs an updated to yesterday’s post… According to People, Police confirmed that they are studying the video that allegedly shows Winehouse smoking crack.

Right now, there’s apparently no investigation being done on the singer.   They need to look at the footage first (but that’s not an investigation, oh no.)

As an aside – I’m so glad she brunette again.  While I despise the beehive – the blonde mop was worse.

Lil’ Wayne Back to the Slammer

lilwayne.jpgLil’ Wayne (Dwayne Carter, Jr.) was arrested in Arizona today – his tour bus was pulled over.  By the Border Patrol.  I don’t know why I find that so funny, but I do.  Illegal aliens?  Pull ’em over!  Oops!  You’re going to jail anyway idiot!

The DEA was called in too – so obviously drugs.  [/sarcasm] Which is so surprising! [/sarcasm]  Three felony counts: possession, paraphernalia.

This is merely his most recent brush.  He was arrested in Idaho in October.

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**Updated** Can’t Avoid Her


**Updated to add:

What a surprise!  Brit was NOT granted the visitation she wanted!  Ok, I know that legally, neither Federline nor Spears is actually required to show.  But – Here’s a clue…  You call the hearing?  You show up.  Not really difficult.  Oops!  I’m sorry…  That calls for common sense.

According to People:

The hearing is over. The previous custody orders — in which Ms Spears has no visitation — have not changed,” court rep Allan Parachini said Wednesday.  “Both sides were heard in court. Notice was taken of Ms. Spears’s absence by the court,” he continued. “She arrived at the courthouse, but (shortly afterward) indicated that she wanted to leave. Kevin [Federline] did answer some questions posed by (Commissioner Scott Gordon).”**

I can’t avoid it any longer. I cannot write about the legal doings of celebrities and not mention her now. I TRIED. But as the reigning trainwreck extraordinaire – I need to give you the lowdown of Brit’s antics of late.

I’m combining it all in one post so we can ignore her for a while after that. You’re welcome.

First, her on again/off again boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib, is married. Yet another example of the kind of thing she does in front of her kids. Go out with a married man is good! But, according to People… Adnan’s wife is filing for divorce. I wonder why. At least they don’t have kids together. She says, according to court papers that they’ve been separated just starting the date of the filing. He says, however, that they’ve been separated for over a year.

In other Brit news… According to Perez, she apparently called for an emergency hearing today, because she wants visitation with her kids (she lost that last week.) Kevin Federline showed, as usual. Britney actually showed up – which is… unusual for her lately. BUT, she left before the hearing actually began. She went in… and came back out.

Seriously – dude. You just don’t do that to your kids. You either want them or you don’t. You either commit, or you walk away. Stop being such a pansy-ass, Britney!

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Judge OK’s Denise Richard’s Reality Show

denisecharlie.jpgAccording to TMZ, Denise Richards wants to do a reality show. Daddy Charlie Sheen doesn’t want his girls involved… And they go to court.

The judge has said yes! With certain restrictions. The hearing was closed. There are to be ground rules, but it’s reported that Denise was “very happy” – and no comment from Daddy’s reps.

Personally? I’m a mother. THIS IS NOT OKAY. That’s just my personal opinion. YOU choose to be a celebrity in the entertainment industry. It is not something that your children chose. DO NOT thrust them into the limelight even more! Good Lord, don’t make them live in an even LARGER fishbowl!


*updated* My last on Heath

*Updated to Add:

This is the most concise rundown of the facts I’ve seen, and thought it was worth adding to this post.

Us Magazine reports:

Paul Browne, Deputy Commissioner for Public Information of the New York Police Department, held a press conference on Heath Ledger Tuesday night. He confirmed the following:

• The deceased was discovered by a masseuse and a housekeeper at approximately 2:45 p.m. today.

• The masseuse was there for a regular appointment.

• The deceased was found in his bedroom.

• The deceased was lying on the floor, curled up, at the foot of his bed.

• The deceased was naked and face down.

• There were not pills found scattered around the room as had been previously reported.

• There were some prescription bottles, including prescription sleeping medication, uncovered.

• Police do not know how long the deceased had been in the apartment.

• The deceased was renting the apartment.

• The cause of death has not yet been determined. The determination will be made by the medical examiners office.**

Well – Considering this IS Stars Behind BARS – this will probably be my last post on Heath Ledger’s passing. According to his rep, the police have informed his family that this was an accident. If anything of a dubious nature comes to light, I will of course share that with you.

Last little tidbits – there were pills, however, they were sleeping pills (Heath was apparently a notorious insomniac.) Also – it has been reported that he had pneumonia at the time of his death. The autopsy is tomorrow. The toxicology results, of course, will be a few weeks. Why can’t that part be like CSI?? I always feel for families that have to bury their loved ones in uncertainty.

Here’s a link to a video – be warned – it shows him being driven off in a body bag. Included is also a snippet from an interview in which he discusses how he felt about death in light of his daughter’s birth. I, for some reason, can’t embed this one – so go to the link.

Heath Ledger

Click here to see a timeline of Heath Ledger’s career and lovelife, with photos.

*updated*Breaking News – Heath Ledger Found Dead

**Updated to add (3:33pm pacific):

People is reporting:

Police say the death may be drug-related.**

**Updated to add:

According to

The New York Times reported that the housekeeper and the masseuse opened the bedroom door and found Ledger unconscious. The paper reported that they shook him, and when he did not respond, they called authorities.**


28 year old actor, Heath Ledger, was found today in an apartment in Manhattan.

According to the Associated Press, NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said that he had a massage appointment. The housekeeper found him when she went to let him know that the masseuse was there and found him dead at 3:26pm.

While this isn’t the normal celebrity websites – it’s more about the legal ramblings – there are, as always, already rumors of a drug overdose.

The Aussie who was most famous for his role in Brokeback Mountain was due to star as the Joker in The Dark Knight, the Batman sequel.

I’ll bring you more details as I have them.