Uma Courts Stalker

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In an update to this post – it’s trial time for Uma Thurman’s stalker. Not only that, but she testified.

Monday started Jack Jordan’s stalker trial in New York.

The dude was arrested in 2007 on misdemeanor charges. Basically he allegedly has been following and contacting Thurman for 2 years plus.

Jordan also sent her a letter complaining that he had been confined to a mental hospital and was being forced to take medication, and he sent Uma’s father four e-mails expressing his love for her, prosecutors said.

You know – ’cause that doesn’t scream stalker or anything.

Even Thurman’s father, Robert Thurman, testified… Since he received emails and all.

“I was trying to remember the number of the FBI,” the elder Thurman told jurors in a packed NYC courtroom, per the New York Daily News.

The Columbia University professor testified that the Thurmans were sent 19 emails that detailed the 37-year-old Jordan’s increasing obsession with the Dangerous Liaisons star and raised serious concerns about his daughter and her two children’s safety.

And mom, Birgitte Thurman, testified to the phone calls she received from the defendant.

Uma, herself, then testified.

She testified about how her worries escalated as Jordan began bombarding her with creepy emails and letters in which he professed his eternal love for her and even threatened to kill himself if she saw another man.

Thurman recounted her first encounter with an alleged stalker when she was 17 and a man named Anthony sent her flowers and repeatedly called her parents’ home. When she didn’t reciprocate, he sent her a package containing a razor blade.

In one of the more dramatic moments, Thurman’s hands shook as she read the contents of a postcard of the Empire State Building Jordan had sent her.

There was much more to the crazy.  Suffice it to say – seems to me that the dude is totally off his rocker and dangerous to boot.

Prosecutors wrapped up their questioning of Thurman by having her read aloud from an email Jordan sent to her father, a Columbia University professor, in which the defendant remarked that when he heard her voice he fell instantly “in love.”

“I imagine us in a cave a long time ago—and us mummified,” she read. “The only thing that keeps me from going to the river to die is the voice of you and your father.”

Thurman said the note made her feel “scared.” Her fears were heightened, she said, when she read another e-mail to her family in which Jordan purportedly called her two kids, ages six and nine, an “illusion” and made a reference to the biblical story of Abraham having to sacrifice Isaac at the altar on God’s orders.

The defendant’s attorney is basically saying that the dude is not dangerous – just in love, and we basically don’t understand his love proclamations.

Wow.  I’m interested in seeing how this turns out.

Rob Lowe’s Legal Woes

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I think it’s time for me to give you an update on this post about the nanny legal troubles Rob Lowe and his family are experiencing.

Rob Lowe’s attorney, Larry Stein, is not taking any of this sitting down.

A second nanny has come forward with a sexual harassment suit against BOTH Lowe and his wife.

Lowe has sued both nannies right back – as well as his chef – for a bunch of employee issues.

“Having struck out against Rob Lowe, Gloria Allred now seeks to drag his wife and children into the fray,” Stein said.

“In response to a lawsuit against Laura Boyce by the Lowes, Ms. Allred filed a cross-complaint on behalf of Boyce, which contains false allegations, in an apparent attempt to divert the negative publicity which Allred’s client, [Jessica] Gibson, has universally received. Although framed as a sexual harassment claim against both Sheryl and Rob Lowe, the cross-complaint alleges only words by Sheryl and never mentions any words or conduct by Rob whatsoever.

“The alleged statements by Sheryl are totally unrelated to, and do not provide any support for, Gibson’s claims against Rob.”

Apparently Lowe’s wife Sheryl was quite the little tart, what with all the offensive language and nudity.

Those poor poor nannies.


Get real.  This family hired them to be part of their personal lives.  Period.  We’re not talking about a corporate environment.  And, I’m sorry, these people do NOT need to be all put together all the time, and cordial.  That’s not real life.  If you’re working odd hours – chances are, you’re going to see these people at their worst, best, and everything in between.  That’s called life.  You don’t sue for witnessing their real life later on.

Money money money is the name of the game.

Richie Sambora Pleaded Out

In better days with Ex Heather Locklear Creative Commons License photo credit: Alan Light

In an update to this post – Richie Sambora has made a plea bargain in his case.

He pled no contest. As a result, the DUI charges were dismissed, and no child endangerment charges will be filed.

That last part must be a relief for the idiot.

Richie Sambora will pay a $390 fine plus penalties – total damage around $1,600. He’ll be placed on three years’ probation and must attend an alcohol education course. He cannot drink or do drugs during his probation.

The Hills Staff Are Overworked

Poor babies…

They’re even suing MTV over it.

Their basic thing is that they often worked over 8 hours without meal breaks, and weren’t compensated for their overtime.  They also allege that MTV gave them pre-filled out time sheets (noting exactly 8 hours, of course.)

Which in the HR world is a REALLY big nono.

The damages their seeking are unspecified, and of course, MTV reps couldn’t be reached.

Virgie Sues Over Gossip

Virgie Arthur, mother of Anna Nicole Smith, has sued against some bloggers from Texas, as well as TMZ for spreading gossip.  She says that the gossip is not true – and thus ruined her reputation.  She’s also claiming (and this I find fascinating) that that, in part, is why she lost her rights to be the legal caretaker of her granddaughter, Dannielynn.

It wasn’t ’cause she went to her FATHER.  It was ’cause she had a sullied repuation.  Uh huh.

Wesley Snipes Sentenced to Prison

wesleysnipescourt.jpgIn an update to these posts

Wesley snipes was sentenced! to 3 years in prison!

I don’t know why that shocked me, but it does.

Apparently the prosecutors wanted the maximum sentence they could get – and they got it.

As for his defending attorneys:

They argued he should get only probation because his three convictions were all misdemeanors and the actor had no previous criminal record.

But U.S. District Judge William Terrell Hodges said Snipes exhibited a “history of contempt over a period of time” for U.S. tax laws, and granted prosecutors the three year sentence they requested — one year for each of Snipes’ convictions of willfully failing to file a tax return.

I wonder when he goes in…  Or if he already has – I can’t seem to find that information.

Disney Star Doesn’t like New Rep

Brenda Song, star of “Suite Life of Zack & Cody” (aka Disney Star) was featured as an escort in the back of an LA Weekly.  Or – her photo was at any rate.

Disney, of course, is not pleased…  They have enough trouble with their stars staying on the straight and narrow legitimately!

“This is an unauthorized use of Brenda Song’s image and her personal attorney has issued a cease and desist to the advertiser.”

In addition to that – Brenda has now sued to the tune of $100,000.  I don’t blame her.  There is a limit, you know.

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Yoko Ono is suing over some more John Lennon stuff.

Not exactly a surprise.  At least I don’t think so.

There’s some footage with Lennon smoking some weed, and writing music and talking about Nixon and LSD.  But she doesn’t want it going public, so she’s suing.

It gets better, though.

Yoko’s ex, Anthony Cox, is the one who taped it.

World Wide Video says that they paid over a million bucks for the footage, and they’ll use it, however they want.

According to court documents, World Wide said it bought 24 original videotapes and their copyrights in 2000 from Anthony Cox in 1969.

If they own it fair and square – she may not like it, but she’s gonna have to leave them alone.

Sandra Bullock – Victim

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We don’t hear much from Sandra Bullock, unless she’s actively promoting something, or tagging along on her husband’s promotions.  This is a good thing.  She leads a quiet life.  And yet – other idiots can still cause her to get headlines.

Sandra and her husband, Jesse James, were hit in a DUI accident. They were riding in a car in Mass. when Lucille Gatchell hit them.  She was charged with a DUI (2 counts) and has pleaded (I always want to say”pled”) not guilty.

Gatchell remained silent and donned sunglasses for the duration of the brief arraignment, allowing her attorney to speak on her behalf.

Well, duh.  She was hungover.  All she wanted was some Carl’s Jr. to take the edge off.

She was arraigned but released without bail.  She’ll be back in court on 6/6.

In his incident report, Mackey said that Gatchell not only blew a 0.20 percent blood-alcohol level, more than twice the state legal limit, she also failed four field sobriety tests.

Luckily no one was hurt.

But seriously.  With all the education out there…  How can people STILL drink and drive?

Chappelle Sued Again

3 years later, Mustafa Abuelhija has settled with Dave Chappelle.

Abuelhija sued claiming he was fired, and he wanted his 10%.

However – after the settlement – Chappelle never paid up, and Abuelhija is suing again!

Dave!  Maybe if you’ll pay the guy he’ll go away!