Don’t Tease Dita

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Dita Von Teese (aka Heather Sweet) has sued Erotica Limited.

She performed for the in London, but they didn’t pay her the second half of her fee.  In addition – they’re not taking her calls!

They ARE, however, using her performance to publicize next year’s event.

I know she’s burlesque – but have you ever seen this woman in action?  Talk about class.  I mean that – she usually looks like she stepped out of a 40’s magazine.

Heather Mills = Crazy

Definitely got the Krazies.

Get this… After she she had the meeting… She dumped water over the head of Paul’s lawyer. You know… After she received about $50 million.

She then acted like nothing was wrong at all. Below is the video of the press conference in which she professes to be a happy camper.

THEN – She hires Gloria Allred! Which you know only happens when they mean business… After all – she represented herself and only got the $50 million.


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Steve-O Charged

steve-o.jpgSo…  Steve-O of Jackass fame (Stephen Glover) is now both hospitalized for the Krazy, and charged with cocaine posession.

Never been a fan.

Dude’s in Cedars-Sinai.

He told friends in an email:

I did a great deal of damage to my brain” with drugs and “now that they’ve all worn off, I’m facing the consequences.

I suppose it is an ironic ‘eye for an eye’ situation that I am in, coping with the lowest ‘lows’ that I’ve ever experienced — as a form of punishment for the emotional distress that I have put my loved ones through with the self-destructive behavior that led me here.

When did celebrities get so crazy?  No seriously…  I’m only 32.  Has it always been like this?  Or is it just this generation?

These are the people our children are supposed to find as role models?

Give me a break.

Photo: ABCNews

Another Idiot! Imagine…

thomasandpatricia.jpgPatricia Arquette’s husband, Thomas Jane, an actor in his own right, got himself a nice little DUI.  He was booked in Bakersfield.   He’ll be arraigned on April 9th.

Isn’t that a GREAT role model for his little 5 year old girl?  Yeah.  I thought so too.

Photo: MSN Movies – and good Lord those tatas!

Heather Mills Just Got Rich

$50 million. That’s the number. (25 million pounds)

And she may even appeal.  (Talk about greedy.)

Let this be a lesson to you…  Got money?  Get a freakin’ prenup.

Jury Has Reached Verdict!

The jury has reached a verdict in the John Ritter case…

The doctors are all cleared of negligence.

IE: not guilty.

In case you didn’t know… Mousetraps are bad.

There is so much wrong with this story, I don’t even know where to start.

Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla are the defendants in a lawsuit filed by an actor who suffered an injury during a radio promo. They want a dismissal – that hearig is supposed to be on the 19th.

Here’s one of the stupid things… They’re seeking dismissal as they’re claiming they were all served improperly. You know, ’cause receptionists don’t count. I bet you if they’d been jumped on the street to be served, they would have complained about that too.

Here’s a quote of the rest from the article

The lawsuit-launching injury took place on Carolla’s morning radio show back on Sept. 27, 2006, when actor Perry Caravello appeared as a guest to promote the DVD of the Kimmel-produced TV movie Windy City Heat.Egged on by Carolla’s guest cohost and Jackass extraordinaire Johnny Knoxville, also named in the suit, Caravello, who starred in Heat, agreed to place his genitals in a mousetrap in exchange for a payment from Knoxville of $10 million.

Unfortunately for Caravello, and potentially any would-be offspring, the mousetrap unexpectedly snapped.

“Much to his emotional tranquility and to his physical harm, [Caravello] was severely injured when the trap literally went on his manhood,” read the $10.5 million fraud and negligence suit

filed by Caravello on May 31 of last year.

Adding further insult to injury, the incident was videotaped without Caravello’s consent and subsequently made its way online.

While Kimmel himself was not present for the manhood-smashing encounter, Caravello alleges the producer never ponied up a promised cut of the profits from the DVD’s sales. He also claims Barris, the warmup comedian on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, assaulted him without provocation before a guest spot on the talk show last year.

Knoxville did not submit a declaration seeking to be dismissed from the suit. It’s unclear if he will challenge the litigation at a later date or if he was properly served in the case.

Here’s a thought.



Another Freak Alert – Billie Jean Jackson

billiejean.jpgUm. Really, this takes it a bit too far.  This crazy woman – who calls herself Billie Jean Jackson – tried to get into Neverland.  Security said no, so she tried to go over the fence.  Then she was arrested.  Duh.

I’m trying to figure this woman out.  Does her delusion go all the way back to the release of the song?  Has she assumed that she’s THE Billie Jean?

Photo: Perez Hilton

De Niro Wins

I was really happy about this one.

OK, here’s the basic gist of what happened. When you film a movie, there’s insurance. Including on the actors.  In this case, Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co. were the insurers for the movie Hide and Seek.  It was released in 2005.  The filming was delayed (2003) because Robert De Niro found out he had prostate cancer, and needed to treat it.

De Niro did, and had surgery, and is now reported to be cancer free.

In the meantime…  anytime a film is delayed it costs a lot of money – and the insurers are the ones who pay it.  So they sued him – saying he lied on the insurance exam when asked about his prostate.  He said, um, no…  I found out about it a few days AFTER you all did your exam.  At the time, I told the truth.

Judge agreed with him.  Awesome.

God I hate corporations!  Here!  Give me $2 million because YOU almost died.  kthxbye.