The John Ritter Trial Continues

As I reported to you before, the Ritter trial is ongoing.

Next to testify was costar Katey Sagal on Tuesday. Apparently she was quite emotional – considering she worked closely with him as his on-screen wife.  Like Winkler, Sagal testified about Ritter’s last day on the set.

In case you’re late to the show – here’s the reason for the lawsuit:

Ritter’s widow, actress Amy Yasbeck, and the late star’s four children, including actor Jason Ritter, are suing a cardiologist and radiologist whom they claim both missed a crucial defect in Ritter’s heart that led to the TV icon’s death from a torn aorta on Sept. 11, 2003.

Jason, Ritter’s oldest son, took the stand.  Ritter’s agent also took the stand, basically testifying to his earning potential, had he lived.

Finally, the last one to testify was John Ritter himself, via a phone message he left his wife, Amy Yasbeck, shortly before he went to the hospital.

“Hi honey, this is John. I’m in my dressing room and not feeling very well. I think I have food poisoning,” Ritter said in the phone message, left from the set of 8 Simples Rule For Dating My Teenage Daughter. “They’re going to call a doctor to look at me.”

Yasbeck testified Thursday that she spoke to her husband when he called back a few minutes later to say that he was probably not going to make an event at their daughter’s school later that evening.

“He called back and said, ‘Now I’m having chest pains and the nurse is coming and they’re going to take me across the street,'” Yasbeck said, growing emotional on the stand, per the Associated Press.

God, can you imagine having to give that testimony and relive it?

She’s apparently scheduled to continue her testimony on Monday.

How sad.


A Judge will finally be making a decision in the divorce case of Paul McCartney and Heather Mills.  This has been an incredibly long process.  When they couldn’t come to an agreement, that’s when the judge decided he would do the agreeing for them.  That decision will be delivered on March 17th.

If they don’t like what the judge says, they can then go to the Court of Appeal.  If they do that, however, all the hearing are open to the audience public.  Their previous hearings were all behind closed doors.

And of course, this is all about one person getting their hands on some Beatles’ cashish.

Another detail of note:  Back in November, Mills fired her lawyers.  She’s representing herself.


Pamela Anderson Looking to Annul

pamanderson.jpgSo…  It’s looking like Pamela Anderson is looking to annul her marriage to Rick Salomon.

When I hear the word annulled…  I picture your teens in love, making a rash decision.  I don’t picture hagard women who’ve been through a few married before.  How ’bout you?

She says she should get an annulment based on fraud.  Who’s?  No one knows – that’s all there is out there right now.

Didn’t Renee Zellweger do the same thing?

Photo: SAWF News

Judgement in on Kidman case

Nicole Kidman went to court against a celebrity photographer, Jamie Fawcett, claiming that he hounded her.

The Australian Judge found for Kidman, saying that his actions clearly frightened her.

“That Ms. Kidman was frightened by Mr. Fawcett’s conduct cannot be doubted,” Simpson said. “The evidence amply demonstrates that Mr. Fawcett’s conduct was ‘intrusive’ and ‘threatening.’ “

He’s accused of a car chase – even attempting to bug her home.

After the ruling, Fawcett told reporters he was strongly considering an appeal of his own. “It is a massive economic decision for me,” the photographer said, adding he was “already hurting financially.”

Oh boo hoo.

He’s hurting financially?

I’m sorry, but you don’t cause a car chase or bug someone’s home.  Stalkerazzi is right.  This isn’t even a deranged fan – which makes the whole thing worse, actually.  This dude was just going for a payday!

Leo’s Car Searched

leoatthebeach.jpgIt’s still a bit of slow legal news week… So pardon me, if I seem to be reaching a leeetle bit.

In New York, Leonardo DiCaprio was riding in someones car shotgun.   A white Mercedes in case you’re interested.  But they got pulled over by NYPD…  They searched the car for about 20 minutes before letting them go.

Is a white Mercedes THAT rare in NY?  Or did the driver give them a serious reason to search the car?

Photo: treehugger 

Reps aren’t talking yet.

Madonna Gets Civil

madonna-hm2thumbnail.jpgTruly, celebrities are just like us regular world folk.  They’ve got to attend Jury Duty!  Madonna is no exception, so she served yesterday.  She ended up being excused and not picked.  She was, however, treated a little differently…

She exited through the judge’s elevator, escorted by four uniformed deputies and one woman in plain clothes.

Silly as it sounds, I agree with their precautions, even if it seems presumptuous.  She’s a well-known woman, who needs extra security round the clock.  Courthouses need to be ever vigilant of the crazies at all times, due to their purpose.  They certainly don’t want to spook the natives.

Photo: busyboo2006

Will Smith Says Pay Up!

I have a soft spot for Will Smith.  I really really do.  I am the Fresh Prince generation…  And then to see him succeed in his life as we turned into adults is really great to see.  So, I was so rather glad to read about this one.

A “news service” said that Will said that Hitler was a good person.  As we all know – that would not be a good thing.  He sued them!  And won!

He won both a public apology and damages from World Entertainment News Network.

WENN’S lawyer apologized in court and agreed to pay an unspecified amount to Smith, who will donate the money to charity. Smith was not in court.

I’m glad of two things.  One – that it was false.  I mean, who wants to think of Will Smith as a Hitler-Lover??  And two?  He fought and won.

Slow News Days

I promise I’m not ignoring you all…

It’s just that everyone’s been behaving themselves!  When I hear anything about anyone being stupid, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Jolie-Pitt Adoption Finalized

angelinaandpax.jpgI don’t often get to post happy family news…  But I get to today!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt went to Court and finalized their son Pax’s adoption.

The adoption was a two-step process. First, the adoption had to be approved in Vietnam, where Pax was born. The second step was getting an L.A. judge to approve the adoption — that was done yesterday.

Photo: Angelina Jolie Blog

Chester Bennington Stalker Sentenced

chester-bennington.jpgChester Bennington’s – Linkin Park’s lead singer – stalker was sentenced.

Let me just add that my husband LOVES Linkin Park – Hi JAY!

Devon Townsend – the wackadoodle – was sentenced to 2 years in prison for:

using her work computer at Sandia National Laboratories to track and harass Bennington and his wife.


Townsend admitted to using the government’s machines to obtain the Linkin Park frontman’s family photos and monitor his voice messages to figure out his travel plans so she could coordinate a trip to ‘meet’ him. She also got her hands on correspondence between Warner Bros. Records and Linkin Park’s business attorney, including a copy of a check made to Bennington from the record company and a copy of the band’s recording contract… It gets creepier…the crazy also hacked into the e-mail of Bennington’s wife and at one point called the former Playboy model and threatened her.

According to the original police report, Townsend told Talinda, “I know where you live…I watch your kids…I have complete control of your life.”

What a crazy person.  I mean really really triple dipped crazy.  This is when Big Brother’s resources go bad… Really, you’re only as good as the craziest person behind the monitor screen.  This doesn’t bode well.   But at least one of them is behind bars.  And to even mention the kids?  As a parent I can tell you they must have freaked the eff out.

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