Omar Sharif Case Resolved

omarsharif.jpg Omar Sharif is apparently a badass.

I mean – he was suave in his heyday – but wow.

He allegedly roughed up a parking valet – and has now settled.  This was three years ago.  I get the feeling someone was looking for a payday.  He got a default judgment for more than $318,000 after Sharif failed to appear.

Oh and by the way?  Sharif is 75 years old.  Right on ol’ man.

He pleaded no contest.  He got into an “altercation” with the valet when the valet refused to take a tip in euros (after he couldn’t find the actual, you know, car.)  In my opinion he didn’t even deserve a tip after that.

That’s such a pet peeve of mine – service personnel of any kind expecting a tip after crappy service.  Um, no.  The tip is to show appreciation for a job WELL DONE, not a job just done.  But that’s just my opinion. /Tangent

While a police report indicated that Anderson did not have any visible injuries and refused medical treatment at the scene, he said in his suit that he suffered a broken nose and sought $17,000 in medical bills from the thespian, but also $750,000 in damages (that’s 575,000 euros, for those keeping score at him).

I love it when they refuse medical attention, and then sue.

As there was a criminal element to the case:

Sharif was sentenced to two years’ probation and 15 anger-management sessions. which he could complete in either Europe or Egypt. He also had to pay a $1,700 fine

That’s in addition to the money he’s paying the Valet.

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Faris Divorce Finalized

annafaris.jpgAnna Faris’ divorce from Benjamin Indra has been finalized.

Scary Movie actress Anna Faris finalized her divorce Tuesday, agreeing to pay her ex-husband $900,000 and split property and acting royalties, according to court papers.

Sounds like a fine payout to a starving actor.

At least they had no kids.  I hate what it all does to kids.

The splitting the acting royalties kills me though.  Say 10 years down the road…  You’re still splitting the royalties – that’s gonna suck.   And might tick the husband she’s bound to have then off.

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Pauly Shore Countersues Wes Craven

Last year, Wes Craven sued Pauly Shore alleging that he caused property damage due to construction.

Well!  Shore has now counter-sued alleging that it’s Wes’ own damn fault.

He says that the slope’s failure is due to Craven not “properly maintaining his landscape and vegetation” and not due to Shore’s construction.

Shore is alleging negligence, nuisance and trespass concerning damage to his land.

Like Shore, Craven has drummed up accusations of nuisance, negligence and trespass.

Sounds like their both being a leeetle too whiny for grown men.

Also sounds like they flip each other the bird every morning on the way to work.

I just can’t do it

I can’t.  I tried…  I can’t.  I cannot and will not do another Britney post.  For now.

But in the meantime you can read about her gag orders, lawyers, and child custody case at other places.

You know…  Just in case your life hinged on it.  Or something.

Jessica Simpson Lawsuit

jessicasimpson.jpgJessica Simpson has been sued in connection with not releasing a fitness video she made in 2005. Daddy Joe is named as well.

The video company, Speedfit, sued for $10 million. Simpson refused a settlement. That’s when the suit encompassed Daddy too.

Contracts involved, yadda yadda yadda.

But this quote just kills me…

“They are hurting millions of fat people in America,” Speedfit owner Alex Astilean said of the Simpsons.

Because national obesity epidemic rests squarely on the has-been’s shoulders. Yup. That’s it.

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R. Kelly Says Mom Wanted Relationship with Daughter

R. Kelly has been accused of having an “inappropriate relationship” with his ex-publicist’s daughter.  He has something to say about it.

It’s hard to take seriously the moral outrage expressed by George and Regina Daniels over R. Kelly’s relationship with Mr. Daniels’ adult daughter, Maxine. The fact is that they had no problem with the relationship — indeed, they encouraged it — while Ms. Daniels was on Mr. Kelly’s payroll.


It was Regina Daniels, then working as a publicist for Mr. Kelly, who persuaded him to attend her step-daughter’s 21st birthday party. And it was Regina Daniels who shortly thereafter gave her step-daughter Mr. Kelly’s private phone number, with the admonition: ‘Don’t tell your father.’ It was only after Ms. Daniels resigned her position to avoid being fired for incompetence that her stepdaughter’s relationship suddenly became an issue for her and her husband.”

Looks to me like someone’s looking for a payday – and using their own kid to do it.  Sick.

50 Cent Not Taking a Hosing

50cent.jpg50 Cent (what do you call him in person?  Fiddy?  Fifty?  Fifty Cent?)  took his baby mama to court.  He and Shaniqua Tomkins have a 10 year old son together.  She kept want more and more money.  So he decided to take her to court and led da’ judge decide.  Actually – that was a really smart move on his part.

Wow – someone who has good legal counsel?  Sorry… I just was blown away by the thought.

Tomkins asked for $50,000 a month and was granted $25,000 a month while the court went through her and Marquis’ expenses. A ruling was handed down earlier this week: Tomkins will now receive a paltry $6,700 a month in support from Fitty.

Awww.  So it’s “Fitty.”  Poor mama may have to work for a livin’.  Although – she’s gonna make more than I do.

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Montel Sued

An ex-producer is not happy…   She says that she was fired after a brain aneurysm.  (Can I just say – if this is true…  I’m appalled.)

She collapsed on the set, and was rushed to the hospital on March 29th of last year.  The next month, she was finally cleared to work, only to find out that her contract was not renewed.

“CBS needed someone capable of handling the pressure, and that the coming year was going to be worse.” Primmer says that is “a clear violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, New York State and New York City law” and has filed suit.

Wow.  I mean, wow.  Something in her brain literally explodes, and she’s told she can’t do the job.

Sounds to me as if someone was worried they’d get sued if something on the set happened again, and decided to save their ass.  Too bad it backfired on them.

Bai Ling Arrested

bailing.jpgI’ve never quite figured out why this particular chick is a celebrity.  I just know she’s photographed looking quite slutty on a regular basis.

Never the less, I’m here to serve…  Bai Ling was arrested at LAX yesterday.  She allegedly stole a couple of celebrity magazines – and a pack of batteries – from one of the vendors.  Total value of the loot?  $16 whole dollars.  She actually has a court date for this.  March 5th.

Now – don’t get me wrong – do something wrong = go to jail in my opinion.  But dude.  This is just a little strange.  Was it a case of walking off ’cause her thoughts were somewhere else?  Perhaps.  Didn’t have $16?  Doubtful.

The whole story just seems odd to me.

And then – say she’s convicted…  Does that mean she can’t go to LAX anymore?  Make international travel a little bit inconvenient.

Oh!  And by the way…  This is the only photo I could find that didn’t have actual nipple showing.  You’re welcome.


Winkler Testifies

henrywinkler.jpgHenry Winkler, friend and colleague to John Ritter, testified yesterday at John Ritter’s medical trial.

Winkler was due to co-star on Ritter’s series, and was on set on the fateful day.  Two hours before Ritter was taken to the hospital, Ritter told Winkler he didn’t feel right, and left him to get some water.  That was the last time Winkler saw him.

Amy Yasbeck, Ritter’s widow, was in court along with his son, Jason.

The trial in John Ritter’s wrongful death continues.

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